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Welcome to Advise in a Cup!, where we’ve got your back without any food or drink restrictions or judgmental labels. 

And guess what? Alcohol is in on the fun too! We’re all about happy hours, champagne popping, and living it up. But hold on tight, because here comes the kicker (brace yourself for a dose of reality): you can actually have too much of a good thing. 

Yup, those extra margaritas by the pool or endless mimosas during brunch can hit you harder than a morning hangover. They can take a toll on your long-term health. 

But hey, don’t lose hope just yet! We’ve reached out to the health experts to get their pro tips on how to enjoy alcohol mindfully and healthily

So, grab a drink and get ready for some expert advice! Cheers!

Drinking in Moderation – is It Possible?

So, let’s talk about what it means to drink in moderation, shall we? It’s not as tricky as it sounds, folks! According to Jordan Dorn, a badass holistic nutritionist and cofounder of Zuma Nutrition, all you need to do is keep tabs on your intake, know your limits, and know when it’s time to call it quits. Simple, right?

Now, here’s the scoop: each of us has our own magic number, which depends on things like our gender, age, health, and body composition. Sure, doctors usually suggest one drink a day for the ladies, but hey, listen to your body! Maybe two cocktails are your personal sweet spot. You know yourself best and let’s face it, a healthy relationship with alcohol looks different for everyone.

So here’s a wild idea: instead of imposing restrictions or beating yourself up over what you drink, try a little mindfulness. The next time you pour yourself a nightcap, why not truly savor the moment and the experience? Cheers to that!

Time to Level Up Your Drinking Game With These Smart Tips

Eat Before You Drink

Before you start sipping, here’s a tip for you: fill up that belly with some good eats! Trust me, your body will thank you for it. See, when you drink alcohol, it goes straight into your bloodstream from your stomach and small intestine. But if your tummy is empty, the alcohol rushes in like the Flash. So, munch on something delicious before that first sip and even while you’re at it. Not gonna lie, pairing your drink with some fries and wings sounds tempting, but those bar snacks are sodium bombs that make you want to drink more. Instead, treat your body to healthy fats like guac or hummus with veggies, keeping you satisfied while you sip.

And guess what? There are more food options that go well with your favorite cocktail! Load up on whole grains, protein, and fiber before you indulge in alcoholic goodness, as suggested by Rebecca Reilly, the expert family medicine nurse practitioner at Tia. Dr. Lana Butner, the awe-inspiring board-certified naturopathic doctor, and licensed acupuncturist, recommends water-rich foods like watermelon, pineapple, peaches, citrus fruits, celery, and cucumbers. Bonus: these healthy choices help prevent that dreaded hangover the next day. So, grab some grub, and cheers to a tasty, hangover-less night!

Stay Hydrated…

Let’s talk about staying hydrated while enjoying your favorite beverages. Now, I’m going to assume that drinking plenty of water is already a no-brainer for you (good job!). But here’s a little extra advice to keep you in the know.

You see, alcohol has a sneaky way of making our bodies lose water faster than other fluids. So, to counteract this, remember to keep yourself hydrated by having a nice tall glass of water within reach while sipping on that mojito. Don’t be shy now, keep those glasses coming! Trust me, your body will thank you.

Oh, and here’s a clever tip: make sure you have your trusty Hydro Flask nearby. It’s like having a hydration superhero by your side. Start your happy hour on the right foot by downing a big glass of water, and continue to sip plain or sparkling water in between drinks. Your body will appreciate the hydration boost, and it’ll help keep your alcohol intake in check too – a win-win situation!

Now, let’s talk about electrolytes. After a few drinks, it’s a good idea to replenish them, and coconut water is just the ticket. This magical drink not only rehydrates your body but also helps bring its pH levels closer to homeostasis (that sweet equilibrium our body craves). So, go ahead and stock up on some coconut water to help ward off the dreaded morning-after blues. Your body will love you for it.

So, remember, keep that hydration game strong and stay refreshed in style. Cheers!

You Can Drink Healthy!

Choosing healthier drinks can make a significant difference in how you feel, both during and after a night out. Not all alcohol is created equal, and it’s important to be aware of the not-so-healthy options, like sugary mixed drinks that may leave you feeling worse than just alcohol alone (we’re looking at you, Piña Colada).

To help you make better choices, our experts have handpicked a few drinks that get their stamp of approval. According to experts, it’s best to opt for mixers that aren’t high in sugar, such as club soda or sparkling water. Another good option is red or white wine, as it comes with the added health benefit of antioxidants and encourages slower consumption.

But that’s not all – we’ve got some exciting ingredients that can spice up your healthy libation: fresh lime juice, lemon juice, club soda, agave, jalapeno, and of course, lots of ice. These additions not only enhance the flavor but also make your drink a refreshing delight.

Dorn emphasizes the importance of going for high-quality alcoholic beverages whenever possible. Choose organic red wine or beer that’s free from preservatives, added sugars, and pesticides. The better the quality, the less impact it will have on your health.

Here’s a simple yet effective hack to keep in mind: stick with clear alcohol. Dr. Butner explains that dark liquor tends to have higher sugar content and produces impurities during fermentation in the gastrointestinal tract. Vodka and tequila are your better choices, compared to rum, whiskey, and rye. Plus, you might even experience milder hangover symptoms. Consider us sold!

So the next time you’re grabbing a drink, remember to make smarter choices, enjoy the process, and savor the delightful flavors without compromising your well-being. Cheers to healthier libations!

Switch It Up Sometimes

Looking for a switch-up in your drink game? Before you knock it, give non-alcoholic drinks a whirl. Trust me, a quick Google search of “non-alcoholic drink” will show you just how trendy and diverse these booze-free refreshments can be. They pack a punch in flavor too!

Mocktails are all the rage these days, providing an awesome way to enjoy a tasty beverage without alcohol. Take Ghia for instance, they’ve crafted some incredible products that are free of alcohol, caffeine, added sugars, and artificial flavors. Perfect for whipping up your own delicious mocktails.

But guess what? Going dry doesn’t stop at mocktails. You’ve got a whole range of options to choose from! Think non-alcoholic beer, wine, bubbly, and even those functional beverages. Yes, that’s right, some brands are getting fancy with their alcohol alternatives, infusing them with adaptogens, amino acids, plants, and CBD. It’s like a party for your taste buds!

So, the bottom line here is that enjoying booze-free varieties has never been more satisfying. Get ready to say “Bottoms up!” and dive into a world of flavorful non-alcoholic drinks. Cheers!

Don’t Forget Your After – Drink Supplements

Alright, let’s talk about supplements. You know, those little helpers that can make a difference when it comes to enjoying a night out without paying the price the next morning. It’s like loading up on Vitamin C and zinc when you feel a cold creeping in – except it’s for your liver.

Dr. Butner, a trusted expert, has a couple of suggestions that could work like magic. First up, he recommends taking an activated methylated vitamin B complex before drinking. These special vitamins are not just regular B vitamins, they are the VIPs of the vitamin world. They are easily absorbed and processed by your body, making them perfect for helping your liver do its job and metabolize alcohol. Say goodbye to those dreaded hangover symptoms and hello to a smoother recovery. Not just that, B vitamins also play a crucial role in keeping your nervous system in check, so you can say goodbye to ’hang – xiety’ too.

But that’s not all! Dr. Butner has a couple more tricks up his sleeve. He suggests adding N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) and milk thistle to your supplement lineup. Take them before drinking, before bed, and the day after to give your liver an extra boost in breaking down alcohol. It’s like having a secret weapon to arm yourself against that post-party fallout.

Oh, and have you heard about activated charcoal? It’s like a superhero that can help cleanse your stomach of toxins, keeping them from wreaking havoc in your system. By binding those pesky toxins, activated charcoal can actually help your body flush out alcohol faster. Sounds like something worth considering, right?

Now, before you start stocking up on supplements, it’s always a good idea to consult with your doctor or nutritionist. They can give you the green light and provide valuable advice tailored to your needs. Keep in mind though, there’s no magic pill that can guarantee a hangover-free night, but with these naturally-sourced remedies, you might just come pretty darn close.

So, there you have it. Some secret tips to tackle those wild nights and conquer the morning after. Cheers to that!

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