Margot Robbie has recently revealed her latest wellness routine in an exciting interview. The talented actress, known for her role as Barbie in the highly-anticipated Barbie movie, gives us a glimpse into her real-life approach to staying healthy amidst her glamorous Hollywood lifestyle. If you’ve ever wondered how she maintains her incredible figure, get ready for the lowdown on her workout and nutrition preferences, which perfectly embody her on-brand personality.

Her Fitness Routine

Robbie’s fitness regimen is anything but ordinary, reflecting her energetic and vibrant spirit. A standout favorite in her workout routine is rollerblading, a sport she’s taken up passionately, both on and off the screen. From neon rollerblades to a leotard, bike shorts, visor, and protective gear – she fully embraces the Hot Skatin’ Barbie energy, making her workout sessions a true rollerblading spectacle. Notably, Robbie’s love for rollerblading blossomed after her experience as Tonya Harding in “I, Tonya.”


Apart from rollerblading, Robbie is no stranger to weight training, specifically targeting her legs and glutes with intense exercises like back squats, front squats, leg presses, and deadlifts. She complements her strength training with a blend of cardio activities, including jogging, jumping rope, jump squats, and mountain climbing. Additionally, she dedicates time to upper body and core workouts, incorporating military presses, push-ups, planks-to-push-ups, pull-ups, and chest presses. To keep her body in balance, she alternates between gym days and lighter activities like Pilates and ballet.


Robbie’s approach to nutrition is all about balance, allowing herself to enjoy a variety of foods, including occasional indulgences. She’s refreshingly candid about her love for treats, embracing her sweet tooth with a fondness for chocolate, waffles, and fries. During her interview with Vogue, she didn’t hesitate to savor avocado toast, grilled Halloumi cheese, and Australian-style bacon (extra crispy) while sharing her thoughts. And post-rollerblading, she didn’t shy away from visiting her favorite ice cream shop, Salt & Straw.


While Robbie enjoys her indulgences, she also maintains a disciplined diet when preparing for movie roles. On such occasions, her meals typically consist of protein-rich options, like porridge and a green smoothie for breakfast, tuna steak and sweet potato for lunch, and lemon chicken and brown rice for dinner.


“I’m not good at doing moderation. I get miserable if I don’t eat. I can’t just have a salad every day and half a glass of wine every second day. I can’t do it.” – said Margot Robbie in an interview.




  • Porridge with blackberries
  • ‘Green machine’ smoothie with kale and apple


  • Skinny lemon chicken with brown rice
  • Mackerel salad with tomatoes and cucumber


  • Tuna steaks with sweet potato
  • Vegetable hot pot with rice noodles

Note : It’s important to remember that a celebrity’s wellness routine may differ significantly from our own due to various factors, such as resources and professional demands. Each individual’s wellness journey is unique, and what matters most is finding a routine that suits your needs and goals. So, take inspiration from Margot Robbie’s routine, but remember to tailor it to your own preferences and lifestyle.

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