Top 10 AI Assistant Apps to Boost Productivity in 2024

It’s no secret that AI assistants have leveled up big time since the days when they just helped us with a few emails. These days, they’re less like tools and more like buddies who help us knock out those long to-do lists. 

You know, they’re not only bosses at understanding what you need but also super proactive, juggling all those tricky tasks with none of the sweat. 

So with all these amazing options buzzing around, the big question is: which one should you buddy up with to really crank your productivity up to eleven? Well, don’t worry, because I’ve got you covered with a deep dive into the top 10 AI assistant apps. 

I’ll be talking about the ones that’ll totally transform your work game this year, thanks to their killer features, how easy they are to use, and the cool stuff they can do for you.

Let’s get into it!


As a versatile AI assistant for quick questions on the go, Perplexity shines with its mobile apps and integrations. One standout feature is that it lets you pick the data source you want AI to reference—academic papers, Reddit, YouTube, and more. So you get answers tailored to your preferred format. It also has “Copilot” functionality if you upgrade to paid plans that learn your style preferences to deliver personalized, nuanced responses beyond generic text. Since Copilot asks you clarifying questions, it can mimic human-level understanding. As an AI companion that caters to you, Perplexity can be great for research, learning, or everyday assistance.


Going beyond a basic writing assistant, Hyperwrite focuses on being an autonomous AI agent that takes the initiative to complete tasks automatically. For instance, it can independently book your flights by planning out the steps and executing them for you while you work on something else. This kind of automation that mimics a human assistant can be a game-changer for productivity. However, since it’s still in the early stages, the results can be unpredictable, so it may not be reliable yet for important tasks. But as the AI behind it improves, it has incredible potential to eliminate tedious busywork from your life. Hyperwrite is available as a Chrome extension and web app.


If you’re seeking an emotional connection and casual conversations with AI, Pi aims to be more human-like. The creators describe it as your personal AI friend rather than just a work assistant. It emphasizes supportive language, humor, and cross-referencing things you said earlier to continue conversations like humans. This approach results in interactions that feel natural and even comforting. Given its messaging app integration, Pi may be uniquely positioned as an AI that nurtures your well-being rather than purely productivity.


Wavelength brings an innovative twist by allowing multiple people to chat with AI together in group conversations—a first for messaging apps. You simply mention AI to ask it something, and everyone in your group can see the response. However, its practical value may be limited since not many scenarios require real-time AI access for groups. But it can add an entertainment element while planning trips with friends when you need quick recommendations or facts.


Ever wish you could augment your memory so you always remember everything you worked on? Rewind creates AI with near-perfect recall and context about your on-device activity. It automatically records everything—websites you visited, meetings you attended, or even thinking out loud. Then you can simply ask Rewind to retrieve something you forgot but didn’t want to bookmark or take notes on. This results in AI that feels eerily human-like when it shares specifics beyond text. However, constantly recording everything is taxing on computer resources. Both storage space and processing power take a hit, which can slow workflows. Unless you refer back frequently, the utility may not justify slowdowns, especially during resource-heavy tasks. But improving technology can likely solve this soon.


Similar to Rewind, Gems builds personalized AI but relies on connecting to your existing cloud apps like Google Drive, Notion, and Slack instead of recording directly. So you can ask about your documents and past activity with these services. This eliminates privacy concerns and the computing demands of local recording. However, full integration with major apps is still in progress, so the currently available integrations offer limited value. But Gems has the potential to provide a wider context as more services are incorporated.

An alternate approach to creating an AI that understands you is to directly teach it about your life and preferences. lets you share thoughts, photos, and stories about favorite foods, movies, and more, so it tailors responses uniquely to you. A fun use case is training it to auto-reply to messages in your distinct writing style so friends can’t tell it’s AI. While it may not increase productivity like other tools, having an AI replica of yourself can be entertaining and almost therapeutic since you can mentor your “digital twin”. However constant training can become tedious if you don’t enjoy journaling for self-reflection. However, if you love tracking personal metrics and details of everyday experiences, you might find great satisfaction in nurturing your own AI companion.


TextCortex adopts a more practical approach to personalized AI by having you upload documents, notes, reading highlights, and writing samples instead of manually logging memories and events. It indexes these materials to understand your interests, vocabulary, and style. This enables TextCortex to write in your voice on topics you care about while referencing precise details from your uploads when answering questions. If you regularly write reports, emails, articles, or papers, TextCortex can save time by helping put your custom thoughts into text.

HubSpot AI

For entrepreneurs and marketers, HubSpot AI is designed specifically to help grow your business. There’s so much to do when starting and running a company that you can easily get overwhelmed. But HubSpot AI can lend a hand with time-intensive tasks like building websites, drafting blog posts, analyzing data, and optimizing sales funnels. Since it works conversationally, you can describe what you want in plain English instead of trying to phrase the perfect prompt. It will then suggest follow-up prompts to refine your instructions. As your go-to business productivity booster, HubSpot AI can save you hours while working with an easy-to-use interface. You can test it out via the link in the description.

Bearly AI Assistant 

Bearly stands out for its speed, flexibility, and easy access to multiple AI models like Claude and Claude 2 from Anthropic. Each model has its own unique strengths, so you can pick one suited to your needs. For instance, Claude specializes in summarizing documents. Another great feature is its Prompt Marketplace, where you can install ready-made prompts for different use cases with one click. Commands are also conveniently accessible from a handy slash menu. 

With the continuous advancement of AI capabilities, assistants have graduated from basic tools with limited intelligence to specialized productivity engines. Whether you want an AI writing aide, a data analysis helper, a task automation master, or even an emotional companion, options now exist to match diverse needs. Try out some of the unique assistants covered in this post to find one that resonates with your personal preferences and work style. And let the AI revolution supercharge your efficiency so you can spend time on what truly matters. The future is here. Are you ready to bring your new AI sidekick on board to maximize what you can achieve in a day?

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