5 Affordable Homemade Present Ideas for Your Partner

Close your eyes. 

Walk back to a memory. 

Yes, that one.  

The one where you had surprised your partner with a special gift. 

Isn’t everything about that moment, their smile, the happiness lacing their face,  the glow in their eyes etched eternally in your heart? 

That’s the power of a gift. They make memories special. They make the celebration complete. 

We spend hours scanning stores finding the most precious present for our loved ones. Myriads of thoughts cross our minds. 

“What do they like?”

“What don’t they like?”

“What if they already have this present ?” 

But, honestly, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. What makes a gift special? It is the gesture and the intent behind it. Most importantly,  it’s about the emotions involved and not the price tag. 

Let’s give gifts differently this time. Why not make DIY gifts for your partner

In this blog, I share 5 homemade present ideas that your partners will absolutely love. 

  1. Spotify Song Frame

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In the past couple of years, this gift idea has hit the trend. If there is a song that holds a special memory for the two of you, then this is the perfect gift to give. Here is the list of ingredients you will need to make this present.

  • Acrylic Plastic sheets 
  • A photograph to use as the album cover. (If you want to make it more special, you can paint a cute illustration of you two on the acrylic plastic sheet instead of the photograph.) 
  • You can use Vinyl to print the artist’s name and song track onto it. 

Take the acrylic plastic sheet and paste your picture on it. (If you are planning to illustrate on the frame instead, you can do that too.) Allow some time for the glue to dry before going to the next step. Now, add the song and the artist’s name below the picture on the plastic sheet. And ta-da! Your Spotify Song Frame is ready. You can also print the unique song code from Spotify for your partner to scan and play it. 

Bonus Tip: Out of the homemade present ideas this could be a little difficult.  Don’t worry! With a little guidance, you can make it with ease. Learn how to make a Spotify Song Frame in detail here

  1. Hand-painted Coffee Mug with a Coaster 

Source: Unsplash

The bliss of sipping some warm coffee after a day of hard work is immeasurable. And the happiness multiplies if there is a touch of personalisation to the mug. A hand-painted coffee mug and coaster is a gift glazed with a touch of creativity. It is one of the best homemade present ideas for your partner. Here is a list of ingredients you need. 

  • A white or any single-coloured coffee mug 
  • A plane wooden coaster 
  • Acrylic paint/ Acrylic Marker /chalk paint 
  • Paint brushes
  • Glass markers 
  • Varnish

Clean the mug and the coaster with a soft dry cloth. It’s time to go all creative now. Paint on the mug and coaster. You could choose a common theme or choose something contrasting. 

Wait for the paint to dry. Waiting for 24 hours before moving to the next step would be safer. 

Take the painted coaster and rub some varnish on it to give it a glossy feel. You can use a cotton ball to do this. Let the varnish dry. Voila! Your coaster is all ready! 

Let’s come to the mug now. Set the oven to 350 degrees and place the mug inside it. To set the paint on the mug, bake it for one hour. And then let the mug cool down for some time. Congratulations! Your hand-painted mug is now dishwasher-proof. 

Finally, it is time to wrap the painted coaster and mug with a lot of love and present it to your special one. 

  1. Open When Letters 

Source: Unsplash

I bet this is one of those handmade gift ideas that is going to make your partner emotional. The idea is simple. Write out some letters for your partner. These letters would be written to be opened on some specific occasions of their life like their birthdays, promotions or for days when they are feeling low. You can put them inside the coloured envelopes. Label the envelopes for your partner to know when to open them. Here is what you will need to make this gift. 

  • Paper (coloured or white) 
  • Pen
  • Envelopes (coloured or white)
  • You can also you wax seals to close the envelope
  • You can use dry flowers, fragrances and other items to decorate the letter and envelope. 

After writing the letters, place them inside the envelopes. Label them stating the occasion you want them to be opened on. 

Some examples include: 

“Open when you are missing home” 

“Open when you are having a great day”

“Open on your birthday”

You can place the bunch of letters inside a decorative box and present it to your partner. The box does not contain just letters. In fact, it is packed with your love, support and care.  This gift will remind your partner of you even when you are miles away. 

  1. DIY Memory Box 

Source: Unsplash 

A happy memory is a warm hug on a winter morning.  It is like a gust of cool breeze on a summer afternoon. It always leaves you happy and peaceful. How about gifting your partner a box of memories? Out of all the homemade gift ideas I have mentioned, this is my personal favourite. Here is what you need to make this gift. 

  • Shadowbox 
  • Mementoes 
  • Decorative items 

The idea is really simple. In the shadowbox add all the mementoes from your time together. It could be literally anything that is precious to you. Like movie tickets from your first date,  bus tickets, and even some letters that you had written. The best thing about the gift is you can always add more to it with time.  This small box of memories can teleport you to a nostalgic world and make you relive the precious moments once again. 

  1. A Box of Homemade Chocolates 

Source: Unsplash

If your partner is a chocolate lover then you should definitely try this one! Make some homemade chocolates and gift them to your partner. Making chocolates is not difficult. If you doubt your cooking skills you can follow a simple recipe. On the other hand, if cooking is your forte then you can go for something frilly and complex. 

Searching for some good chocolate recipes? 

Here it is! 

This is one of the best DIY gifts for your partner as you can completely customize the recipe to add flavours and ingredients that your partner loves. 

A gift can be whatever you want it to be. It’s a gesture of love. It’s a way to make your loved one feel special. In this blog, I have shared some homemade present ideas for your partner that are affordable yet special. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the one you like and get started on it. 

Jagyasheni Sengupta
Jagyasheni Sengupta

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